Entretien & Réparation Béton et Métaux

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The rust converter Corroseal, is a revolutionary product that blocks and converts rust on the field, in addition to providing lasting corrosion control in one step. Extend the life of your metal equipment by protecting it from rust and corrosion.

Transparent product to be applied directly to all metal surfaces. You don't need to shift, sand or paint.


The outdoor wood cleaner is a water -based formula with large powerless power, specially designed to restore the original condition to exterior wood surfaces grayed by weather conditions and timeIt is very effective in cleaning and removing old finishes, problems, algae, oil stains, grease and tannin from cedar and redwood.


Ultimate concrete preparation is a very quick and effective way to clean concrete, bricks, pavers, slabs, masonry as well as stucco. It works deep without changing color or damaging the surface. Ultime concrete preparation emulsifies, dislodges and eliminates: efflorescence, lime deposits, rust stains and mold