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Saman water -based varnish is recognized to give a clear quality clear finish. The formula has been specially designed to provide protection twice as resistant as a conventional varnish. In addition, this varnish has the special self-leveling formula, more anti-yellowing, to be fast drying


SamaN's Natural Oil Finish Natural Varnish offers a rustic and unique finish giving a rich golden color to your floors and interior woodwork. The formula specially developed from aluminum oxide nanotechnology provides superior performance with dual protection in depth and on the surface, in addition to offering the resistance of a machined finish. Sustainable, low in C.O.V.


Eliminates unwanted variations in luster, while providing very high protection against water, abrasion, fading and staining. SamaN's ultra-matte varnish is ideal for preserving your frescoes, wallpaper, plaster accessories, stones and for all woodwork


SamaN's GRADE+ varnish is a water-based polyurethane for wooden floors offering the ultimate finish in terms of durability. Varnish designed from a professional formula based on nano particles of aluminum oxide, specially developed to protect commercial and residential surfaces with intense traffic


Saman's water -based and slow -drying glacis was designed to add depth to any special finishing project and creates an infinite variety of textures and effects on interior surfaces